Guidance for Accepted Authors (Presenters)

Guidance for Accepted Authors (Presenters)

We will provide guidance here on how to successfully present your work and participate in the online conference. We will also send emails with guidance material.

Step 1 Register

If you haven’t already done so, please register for the conference before 14th November 2022 to guarantee your position in the program. Please see the registration page or preferably use the link we have sent to you via email.

Step 2 Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome to the computer you will use for the conference. This is the preferred browser and can be downloaded here. If Chrome is not available please use Firefox or Edge.

Step 3 Prepare your Presentation

Determine how you will present your work and prepare this for submission. Discussion papers, video presentations and audio presentations are all acceptable. Please consider doing a visual presentation if you are able as this is more engaging for the attendees. Further guidance for preparing your presentation can be seen here. You will be required to submit this by 1st November 2022.

Your presentation title and abstract should be in English. Unless your paper is in the Vyākaraṇa section, it is generally preferable that your presentation itself is also in English.

Step 4 Upload your Presentation

Upload your presentation to our Dropbox. Click here to do so. When uploading please add your name and also the name of the section or panel you are part of. The first few words are enough if it’s a long panel title. For discussion papers please submit a PDF rather than a word document. If your presentation is not received by 1st November 2022 it will be withdrawn from the program. Please check (proof read, watch or listen to) your presentation before uploading it.

Step 5 Update Personal Details

Check your personal details and upload a photograph. You can do this by clicking on the link we have provided in a recent email. Make sure to add your country in the relevant field so that we know what time zone you will be operating from.

Step 6 Check Presentation Details

Double check all of your presentation details, in particular your affiliations and biography. Please email us if any updates are required.

Step 7 Prepare for Live Panel Discussion

We expect and look forward to all presenting authors participating in a live question and answer session during the conference. Further details and allocation to time slots will be provided soon.

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