How will the online conference work?

How will the online conference work?

The online conference will be conducted on a multi-faceted platform called OnAir which will enable us to stream all aspects of the event. The main features will include:

  1. A personalised Timeline of sessions, structured and formal events, panel workshops, learned discussions and opportunities for informal catch-up sessions. The timeline contains the conference agenda.
  2. A Resource Gallery where all the presentations will be displayed and accessible. Here you will browse and discover presentations from all theme areas; shared and organised in one place.
  3. Our virtual attendees will also be able to choose to engage with the Meeting Hub, a networking hub where attendees can search for other attendees, have video chats and exchange messages and contact details.
  4. A Live Support tool which is your virtual concierge desk. Here you will be able to request support for either technical issues or more general questions about the program or the event.

Please watch this short video to get a feel for the platform. This is ‘general’ information. Not all features will be present.

Prior to January 9 2023

Author presentations will be available to watch, listen or read inside the online conference from 15th November 2022. The Resource Gallery of presentations will be available on-demand which means you can click on a presentation and consume its content at a time which suits you, no matter where in the world you are located. Participants can view presentations up to and during the dates of the conference. We will also make them available for a period of time after the conference.

From January 9 2023

During the actual conference dates the timeline will include a number of live discussion sessions with presenters which you will join (or watch), as well as continuing to watch any presentations you are interested in contained in the Resource Gallery. Other structured and informal events will be available on the timeline to participate in.

Be prepared!

The key to successfully participating in an online conference is to be prepared. Thank you for reading this page. We will provide further detail and guidance as needed.

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