Participating in the Online Conference

Participating in the Online Conference

We will provide guidance here on how to successfully participate in the online conference. We will also send emails with guidance material. You can still participate in the conference if you are not presenting your work.

Step 1

Register for the conference. Please see the registration page.

Step 2

Download Google Chrome to the computer you will use for the conference. This is the preferred browser and can be downloaded here.

Step 3

Familiarise yourself with the Conference Program. Use the time zone function to familiarise yourself with the program and determine which sessions you will watch (or which sessions you are part of as a presenting author). Consume the available presentations in the Conference Program tab or searching an author in the Presenters tab. We assume that everyone has viewed the videos and read the relevant documents before watching or participating in a live session.

Step 4

Access the conference portal with the online access details we will send to you if you have a paid registration.

Step 5

Use the Live Support tool inside the conference portal or see here for further guidance.

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